Friday, 20 January 2012

friday flowers

This week's bouquet is for 

 ~ this decorative paper I found at Tiger - £1 for 40 sheets:
the yellow, green and blue ones will make excellent backgrounds in white Ikea frames. I'll prove it to you another day. In the meantime, I've covered some self-help books so as to not look like a psycho to anyone perusing my bookshelf ...
(which is probably not so clever to mention here, then, is it? 
Both excellent books and recommended though.)

 ~ also at Tiger, these super cute bowls at £1 each:  
just big enough for one scoop of ice-cream, for snacks, or as serving dishes for tapas
Can't remember how I managed without them.

~ hanging with lil' Rex:
my new best friend, aged 20 days.

~ Spring nail polish
(I'm early)

~ thinking out the box to cover that red wine stain with a piece of fabric that cost £2.50 from a Homes&Garden sale in 2003:

~ and for the most incredible sunrise on Tuesday morning.

Have wonderful weekends,
what would your bouquet be for?

image 1:kaliafisher


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