Wednesday, 25 January 2012

french beauty secrets: it's not the money

I'm pretty good with my money - as in, I don't have loads, but I only spend it where I like to. 
That means I sleep on good sheets, travel economy, get my housecleaning products from the Poundshop, and expensive white wine from the good independent retailer in the village. It's called conscious spending, thanks to Ramit, and it works pretty well for me. (Don't worry, we are not going to discuss pension plans and the recession - a word that I've begun to detest for ruining my thirties.) 

 My face is pretty expensive in its upkeep.
But I try not to regret the money I spend on it. 
I've figured out which products are work for me, which are necessary, which are 'nice to have' and while I'm not spending over £1000 on tubs of Creme de la Mer, I am way-hey past skimping on my skin.

Still, it burns when I have to replace them...and then I read this quote from the head of training and education at Decleor, which I thought interesting:

'the French generally talk about their skincare in terms of a ritual,
whereas {the British} call it a routine,
and in the US, they say regimen.' 

I know which would make me feel better about the money,
and the time,
and the results.

And which would probably put a swing in my step and a sparkle in my eye.

ooh la la

quote: Red magazine
images: fadykataya,  pinkwallpaper, pinterest, milesaldridge vogue italia
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