Thursday, 5 January 2012

everyday i'm wearing sunscreen

Man, I thought today was Friday! 
I sat down to bash out the first Friday flowers of the year and a very happy tale (well, one which excited me) only to find out that it's Thursday. 

I thought yesterday was Friday too. Then when I figured out it wasn't, I thought it was Thursday.

I definitely thought Tuesday was Thursday when I had a glass of wine in the pub then. Who drinks wine in a pub on a Tuesday at five o'clock?!
This time of year is so confusing!
So instead of Friday Flowers, I'm working on my list of 101 things to accomplish within the next 1001 days, ready to share with you shortly. And that led me to googling Baz Luhrmann's famous speech. It's 13 years old this year, and still impressively current: 

You're probably one of millions who have seen this before, but it's good enough to watch again. 

I've kinda nailed the sunscreen part since I first blogged it on the tumblr, but there's some other advice in there that might make it onto the 101 list. Funnily enough, the sunscreen part is probably not even the most relevant, given that I live in England currently, and there's loads of other stuff I ought to have given more credence too!

I guess that's what 2012 is for! 



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