Tuesday, 24 January 2012

decor quotes and designer dinosaurs

"Serious is a word that must be entirely avoided when it comes to decoration."  — Designer Kathryn M. Ireland

“I learned that passion about objects and furnishings makes for fearless decorators—and that if you are comfortable in your home, everyone else will be too. That sense of authenticity is what gives a home its soul.”Interior designer Courtnay Daniels Haden

“I don’t think people have enough fun with decorating. It doesn’t always have to be so serious. Design isn’t like marriage. You don’t have to commit for life.—Designer Ross Cassidy, 

“You always want to mess with perfection. You decide to convey an idea, then do something to throw it a little off.”—Landscape designer Mario Nievera

"In the most successful spaces, you don’t see everything at once. The more time you spend in them, the more you discover. They open up like flowers."Interior designer Vicente Wolf

Last year I moved into a new apartment, which I've had such fun decorating - although it's still a work in progress. It has an insane river view, and is in a lovely waterside village - and its location has meant lots of house guests, which I love having - even those with kids. In fact, particularly those with kids...

I don't know which of my little visitors over the last year hid some dinosaurs in my apartment, to be found ages later. At least, I'm assuming that's where they came from:

but they delight me and I'm not giving them back.

So here's my quote:
'Finders keepers, losers weepers.'



quotes: via Elle Decor


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