Thursday, 12 January 2012

the challenge: 101 things in 1001 days

So, I've mentioned it before, and now I'm committing. Here are the start of 101 things I intend to accomplish during the next 1001 days. The idea isn't mine, it was Mackenzie's over at Design Darling. Visit here to see her list, and let me know if you make one of your own. The basic premise is that 1001 days is long enough to be a mix of bucket list, goals and 'to do'. 

Move over Liz! That is not how we roll around here!

A word of advice - if you haven't got 101 things yet, just start making your list and ticking them off. Otherwise the days will speed by and you won't acknowledge how well you're doing. And marking them off is so motivating. 
I will report back.

1001 days from now is October 9, 2014.
Here is my list so far then:

1. Find a new scent for my new life
2. Create an original artwork
3. Buy an original artwork
4. See if 60 sit-ups a day for 60 days makes a difference or not
5. Set a charitable giving strategy
6. Create the painted ladies wall at home
7. Complete the Central St Martins Styling course
8. Be published again
9. Complete a run for charity
10. Create a jewellery drawer
11. Visit India
12. Master a headstand properly, not wibbly-wobbly. And at least one variation.
13. Go to golf lessons
14. Buy that ipad! It's not going to get that much cheaper!
15. Get back to my Vietnam weight (April 2010. shitballs, felt like just a couple months ago!)
16. Complete Ramit's E1K course
17. Buy a house
18. Have gin 'n tonics sundowners while watching African game
19. Start the covet&collect shop
20. Take a sailing holiday
21. Take my supernieces to one of the Disney resorts
22. Try one out-of-my-comfort-zone exercise classes
23. Complete the interior design course
24. Complete a refresher first aid course
25. Cover those damn ugly dining chairs
26. Ditto french bedhead - have it upholstered
27. Star gaze in Mozambique
28. Cook from my recipe books more. Master 4 dishes from each book. (I only have 3!) 
29. Find a vintage drinks trolley and host a drinks party
30. Send more thank-you cards and handwritten notes
31. Have all my freckles checked out
32. Give blood again
33. Return to laser hair removal and do it properly this time. For EVER
34. Test drive the pilates mantra that in ten classes you'll feel a difference, in 20 you'll see a difference and in 30 everyone will see the difference
35. Master photoshop. Or at least be competent in it
36. Buy a real camera and learn how to use it. Or marry a photographer
37. Create a proper home filing system
38. Write that will! 
39. Sew a dress
40. Recover my vintage eiderdown
41. Don't avoid a difficult conversation, even though I really would prefer to. See if I feel better afterwards! (dreading this one)
42. Reach out to tell someone from my past how much they meant in that time.
43. Reach forward to approach someone new and see what happens. (Inspired by Megan)
44. Buy vintage cutlery to create an heirloom cutlery set
45. Read a Hemingway
46. Give up coca cola and coffee for 30 consecutive days and document any difference
47. Redo mom's bathroom.
48. Hike that path off the A3 that looks so inviting every time I drive past and I wonder what is there.
49. At least try to learn how to change a tyre, should I ever need to.
50. Skinnydip again.
51. Swim in phosphorescence again.
Better get going!

you can also play along at Day Zero Project
image: notetosarah


Carie said...

26. Ditto french bedhead - have it upholstered.....that wasn't the original list item????

Carly said...

It should have been! You should be more concerned with sailing to France. Can you make that happen?! Also, how do you feel about test-driving some of my new found recipe-cooking skills? Consider yourself warned!

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