Thursday, 22 December 2011

where time went...

So I've been pretty damn slack this week - with only one post on Monday.

I haven't been stuck in deepest, darkest winter, without broadband. 

(In fact, it's 10 degrees in Leeds today. Still grey and f-all chance of a white Christmas. I'm pretty pleased it's the solstice today and am already looking forward to longer days.)

I'm at my sisters.

That means I'm hanging with my biatches...

I mean witches.

Which also means there is no time for blogging. 

Right now it's bed time.
Before I have to wake up in time to play my 65 346th game of Castle Chase in 48 hours.
Which statistics tell me I will lose. 

Do you know that in 2010 there were 3.9million mom bloggers

I don't know where they find the time. 

Unless it's because their sisters live close. 

Which also explains why there are almost no aunt-bloggers.

images: mfamb


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