Monday, 5 December 2011

meat-free monday: christmas canapes

I'm in charge of canapé's for a Christmas party with my 'new' friends in my 'new' village. The pressure! 

This is what google offered me, and I think I can manage them:
Pesto, Mascarpone and Tomato Pastry Wheels.

Get this: Once cooked, you can freeze these for up to one month, then defrost at room temp and reheat at 200C for 5 minutes.

Whatever. You know I'm going to land up making these when I'm already frocked up, and then panic!

The real recipe is here.

How we'll rock these chez moi:

Equal amounts pine nuts and grated parmesan, twice as much basil leaves, chopped garlic,  4 tbs olive oil. 

A pack of ready made shortcrust pastry, and equal amounts mascarpone and sun-dried tomatoes. 

Or lose the garlic, pine nuts & parmesan and oil and use bottled pesto. Otherwise you have to mix those in a blender which is a bugger to clean. 

Unroll the pastry and spread with mascarpone, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, then roll on the long edge, and freeze for 30 minutes. 

Pre-heat oven if you are not lucky enough to have a Belling. If you have a Belling, they're the bomb and don't need much warming up. I *heart* my oven. 

Slice the pastry into thin rolls - bang on a baking sheet and cover with foil. That's critical - otherwise the sun-dried tomatoes go too dark...and then bake for fifteen minutes and turn out onto a wire rack. 

Serve either warm or at room temperature. 

And of course, with lots of champagne.

I think they sound so nice that supper tonight is spaghetti, pesto, sundried tomatoes and mascarpone as a test-drive!




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