Wednesday, 7 December 2011

marvel at this today...

I just found this photo.

I was an angel in my first ever school play

I was delighted.

(I'm in the middle at the back)

And that girl on the right, Tanya? 

Well, we still talk almost every single day, even though we're approximately nine thousand and sixty two kilometres - 
or five thousand six hundred and thirty one miles - 
or a thirteen hour flight - away from each other.

We racked up huge phone bills during our teens, when we were just streets away from each other - and after we'd spent all day at school together.
This photo is just before she moved away to uni.
When big hair was in.

And that's at her 21st, back in the olden days
when I thought that my super shapeless white trackie top was so beautiful...and she was a drama student.

I also talk to Kirst - up there on the left- most days.
She's baking a baby.
I'd like to think for me, but probably I'll just get to hold him and be a bad example to him.

And indeed I talk to most of those girls - only two have kinda fallen by the wayside, but that is more about their inability to drive facebook than due to design.

At Tanya's leaving-London party. 
Are my eyes wet? 
I was trying to be so brave.
She had pulled me up by my bootstraps post the most disastrous relationship, and helped me make a new life, and I was petrified of her leaving me.

But she left me with Kirst, 
so that was fun, and I built a life again:

A chick's gotta have 'em
and know how to keep 'em...

Lucky me.
like, *Lucky, Lucky, Lucky* me.
So lucky.



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