Friday, 23 December 2011

friday flowers and the Bling Bambi

I didn't think I'd find time for Friday flowers today, but then remembered Steph had sent me this picture this week from Hillcrest.

She laughed when she sent it to me - a little bit of Christmas kitsch - but actually we had a matching one when we were children. I immediately put in a call to my mom to make sure that ours was still safe and a request to collect it in April. There's something super special about familiarity at Christmas time - the vintage lights that were always tangled and my mom was so particular about - since she remembered them from her childhood, setting up the wooden nativity scene, the two disco glitter ball decorations which were the most prized of all the Christmas baubles. 

And now at an age where friends and family have a whole new generation of little people, it's so comforting to replay traditions and remember a whole host of things that were forgotten during my twenties. And it's exciting to develop new traditions - which is why my niece and I spent this evening singing carols with the help of youtube videos of lyrics - a kind of homemade yuletide karaoke. It turns out I still remember every single word to all the verses of Away in a Manger. And tomorrow we will sing the most loudly and probably out of tune during the Christmas eve carols. 

I can't wait.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.
with love,


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