Wednesday, 14 December 2011

everyday's Christmas round here

All the magazines and blogs I read (and there are a *lot* of them) are not much more than catalogues of 'wishlists' this time of year...a list of all the things I'm unlikely to find beneath my Christmas tree.

And the disconnect between these lists of 'unique' and 'thoughtful' gifts that promise to make my life complete, and real life feels even bigger this year.

As much as fun media is telling me that I need glitter on my shoes and a limited edition bottle of perfume to go with hand-printed tea towels and bespoke jewellery, the news media is telling me that no-one has any money, Christmas will bankrupt the Eurozone, and we'll never have it as good as we had it in the early part of the millennium.

(Often I wish that I had realised in 2005 how boring it was going to get, and I would have drunk champers for breakfast, and bathed in perfume, and I'd not have bothered shopping in the bun-fights that are the sales back when we were all so rich. Only, I wasn't so rich, I needed those sales, bought perfume at the discount store, and saved champers for birthdays and special occasions.)

So, I've put together my own list of all the things that I already own that *delight* me.

Each day I'm glad this stuff is in my life.
Every time I use,touch or look at any of these products I am happier, brighter, prettier and nicer. I promise.

So if you want some ideas for things to make your life better, I would recommend these.

And not a £170 Prada shoe cleaning kit.


  • orchids from ikea - biggest impact you can get for £5 
  • jemma kidd lipstick in 18 Perfect red - way to feel grownup
  • origins vitazing spf15 - an accidental purchase that I am grateful for every day. And prettier for, too.
  • lancome definicils - finally, aged 30toomuch, i understand what mascara can do for me. A friend who is a makeup artist asked if I'd had implants! ha! 
  • cocktail ring - for bling
  • clarisonic mia - secret ingredient for making 30toomuch look like 20divine
  • smythson business card holder - smartest way to look like a grownup

  • elle macpherson intimates - finally, i'm at an age where every single item of underwear is worthy of running into James Bond. 
  • true grace candles - making a northern hemisphere winter bearable
  • flos archimoon k lamp - a lucky second hand purchase that i admire every day
  • wonki ware fruit bowl - single-handedly responsible for making me eat better, and reminding me I have super-human powers for spying a good deal on a sales table - £20 rather than £85

images: google, own, branded websites


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