Thursday, 15 December 2011

elephant ecstasy

So, this is one of things that I think that I know: 

Elephants might be the new zebras that were the new stags that were the new swallows that were the new skulls.

I have no proof of this and am not a trend forecaster. 

I just see elephants. 

Some places more than others.

But with increasing frequency.

So I'm going to call it. 

Elephants are the new zebras that were the new stags that were the new swallows that were the new skulls. 

You heard it here first kids. 


Mildred's mom and dad are ahead of the curve with her nursery, covered in ele-art.
Go here to visit:

Thing is...elephants actually aren't that pretty and the shape is pretty hard to get right. Otherwise it's just a bit childlike, or, indeed, ugly. So I wouldn't put the family fortunes on giving up your day jobs and starting ele-screen printing businesses just yet. 

But I think that elephant black & white photography is pretty powerful, and could be jaw-droppingly beautiful in the right setting. I'd pick photography from Nick Brandt to make an impact:

I'm going to see what i can find on the interwebs for y'all -
I know I've seen some pretty strong interiors with elephants.

And in the meantime - if you've never seen these beasts in real life, I'd highly recommend putting it on your list of things to do. They put the massive in magnificent.


Source: skull _ Alexander McQueen, swallow_MiuMiu, Antler, umbrella_scalamandre

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art on Mildred's wall via Ohdeedoh



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