Tuesday, 6 December 2011

dream houses: the shelter mag staple for sale

As a non-American, I don't know much about Jenna Lyon - other than her she lives the brand of her company, J Crew, which is also Michelle Obama's kit of choice, and her penchant for cigarette trousers and beautiful heels -

- although there was an article in last month's English Glamour about her - which I thought was weird since English Glamour is generally full of advice for young women like 'don't wear knickers and drive him wild' which wouldn't really mean very much under cigarette trousers, would it?

And of course I know that Jenna Lyons is about to get divorced (from a man I never heard of) and is in a new relationship (with a woman I'd never heard of) which means she and her husband are selling their house.

Their famous house, a staple on the glossy homes mag circuit, bought for $1.3m in 2004, now for sale for $3.75m. 

Those articles are a long time ago now - Domino in 2008, Living etc in 2009, but her style statements spawned what must be thousands of copies - dark walls, colourful nursery, *that* ensuite off the bedroom.  

It looked like a perfect life, in a perfect house, with a perfect family. I guess it wasn't - I got a bit of a chill when I compared one of the magazine shots of happy families under the cherry blossom with the real estate shots in the fall...seemed quite poetic when you know that it didn't work out.

There's a lesson that the shots we're fed in magazines are of stylised lives. Funny how I know that models are airbrushed and manipulated but I never really think about how houses get the same treatment! 

Here we go then: the architect's photo of the kitchen

Dull - nothing special here.
Architect's view of the sitting area of the kitchen:
Nice window for sure, but still pretty soulless. 
Look how it comes to life with some styling...
The real estate view:

Domino styled it with some spring branches: 

The photos were flipped for Living etc...and the trees outside were in bloom

Could you do a yellow sofa?

I don't think I could. But I suppose it is a useful thing to bring your guest's attention back from starting at that insane ceiling moulding and out-of-this-world chandelier.

In the Domino version, Jenna's son was still in a crib - which has transformed into a 'big boy' room by the time Living etc came along:

and now looks like this, showing how a clever nursery design can be updated easily as baba grows:

(by the way, that map on the wall looks like this one you can buy from the Conran shop - fab investment piece for the nursery.)

Change of linen and angle between the Domino (L) and Living etc (R) bedroom shots, but mainly it's a bit dark for me. I understand moody but I think I'd get a bit depressed if I woke up in that:

although the real estate version makes me think I could give it a bash:

I wonder if the Serge Mouille light will remain?
And let's pause for a minute at the en-suite:

herringbone floor...I love you...

Now for the insane part.
This is not insane if you live in America.
Or parts of South Africa,
but lemme tell you it's insane for England. 
Not even the Queen has a dressing room this awesome.
Although of course I do not know that for sure.
(It is not one of the things I do know for sure)

Styled for Living etc with back-to-back wardrobes, which is also how it appears in the real estate brochure:

How many shoes?
Twice as many as the shot above shows, apparently - look left of the fireplace too!

And in Domino the room had a sofa, which I think I prefer:

Fingers crossed Jenna's new life means more fab new photos in a new home!


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