Thursday, 8 December 2011

Digging the digi-mags.

While I've been pretty much housebound with bronchitis this week I've managed to make sure that I have got every last penny's worth of my broadband allowance. I love broadband. If I was stuck on a desert island and could take something with me, I'd take a laptop and broadband. 

So I give you the very best from all the online magazines I've devoured this week:

My favorite four images - all rule breakers and all *divine*: 
( I feel like an x-factor judge)

Rue nailed it with this b&b.
Double rugs. Dark walls, bare windows. Chandelier and mirror. Animal and traditional. Purple and orange. 

House of Fifty has quickly become a firm favorite - not least because of the inspiring story of its founding editor, Janelle, who created a whole new career out of nothing. I'm envious.

Moody walls and wallpapered ceiling?
I hope it's a bedroom.
I'd spend a lot of time on my back in there.

Florals and stripes together at Ivy & Piper.
I couldn't live it, but I'm happy to visit it.

Rust coloured velvet sofa in Matchbook. I die. 
And I'm fast getting into abstract paintings. More about that another day. Like, when I show you what I'm going to create at home. 

There was more.
Those are just my super-most favourites.

Adore delighted with an Anna Spiro (one of my imaginary BFFs)  project in Brisbane: 

That wallpaper is quite something - it reminds me of my granny's crockery, yet is still modern and interesting.

Talking wallpaper, I'd be thrilled with a bedroom like this if I was a girl - as seen in Ivy&Piper - and love that high bed:

Was no surprise to find that it belongs to Liz Caan's daughter.
Liz's studio/office remains one of my inspirational ideals as a place to go to work. Imagine working here every day:

Sweet Paul was incredible this month.
I'm a lazy cook, for sure, but I was inspired to eat properly and  entertain more. Food like this deserves to be shared, and an occasion. All of these would work for meat-free Monday.
And this is just an example of some of their meat-free recipes:

The meat ones looked amazing too - 
this bobotie recipe has encouraged me to give it a go after deciding years ago I didn't like Bobotie
(yellow rice is so South African, makes me homesick)

House of Fifty has the best story about a chic 'mom cave' - clever Saudah persuaded her husband to move the bedroom down the hall and made a wardrobe-closet-office-mom cave. 
I would wear more of my jewellery if it were displayed like this:

Actually - I have the space considering I have 18 built in cupboards and drawers in my room.
I'm going to give it a bash.
Right now. 

I haven't even finished House of Fifty yet.
I have no idea why I continue to buy paper magazines.
And I desperately need an ipad for Christmas, clearly.
It is so awesome to feel inspired again...



ps. nothing from lonny this month. Didn't really feel the love this issue...
pps. more images from these mags to come in coming days, for sure!Read them so very fast that I'm sure to find more on round two! 


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