Wednesday, 16 November 2011

wednesday weddings: cheating with the eating

A friend and I were chatting the other day about how many weddings we've been to - (answer: hundreds between us) - and how  we either can't remember the food, or we only remember the food for being, well, ahem...a bit of a disappointment. 

(I did attend a wedding where the bride went with her slaves maids' suggestion for a starter of asparagus and salmon, forgetting her groom ate neither! He was pretty annoyed, for a second, and then just hungry.)

I don't love cooking so much as the presentation and the eating...and my point in our discussion was that I hand-on-heart believe that weddings would do better with simple, tasty food that is beautifully presented than elaborate fancy repasts that are too hard to keep hot/fresh/tasty when speeches run over. 

A quick search on pinterest was meant to illustrate that, but instead it's turned into a total catering crush on Heirloom LA, a fab little catering company that 'painstakingly seeks out small farms that respectfully and humanely raise their livestock so that you can taste the quality that is not offered in commercial meats raised and processed to maximize profit rather than flavor and integrity.' 

I believe them. The food looks honest and delicious.

How incredible is this crostini station?  

wooden bowls, brown paper and antique servers: 

weddings ARE all about family, after all:

this isn't from a wedding, 
but love this plain and uncomplicated serving station:

snack station at midnight perhaps?

Go and browse their blog (regardless of whether you're a bride or event planner) - one of three things will happen:

1. you either live in LA and will hunt them down!
2. you move to LA to hunt them down!
3. you develop your own crush and wish you lived in LA to hunt them down...

And if you haven't packed already, let me highlight another reason why Heirloom LA is so clever:

Pretty sure these may result in a long and happy marriage if served at your wedding!


images: pinterest, heirloom LA blog


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