Monday, 14 November 2011

meat-free monday: winter's here, way to feel warmer

Today, this is what we were subjected to on the South Coast of Her Majesty's Great Britain:

Totally bloody miserable.

It is like Mother Nature forgot to colour in the sky.
I wore my ski jacket today, the wind was that cold.

There is really only one option for a day like today.

It had to be soup.
And I had Tesco Finest Puy Lentil and Vine Ripened Tomato Soup in the fridge, so that was that.

Except it looked like muckstraps on the plate.
I don't even know what muckstraps are, 
it's just an expression my friend Heather uses, 
but it's pretty graphically gross, 
so I couldn't really take a photo to share, could I?

So instead, here is a picture of a hot man.

Way to feel warmer :)

P.S.: the soup was delicious.
As is he. Yum. hee hee.

image: via Erin at EOS, source pinterest.


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