Monday, 7 November 2011

meat-free monday: Spanakopitas

Generally, I'm a lazy cook.

I love food that is pretty and tastes good, but that is the result of less effort than a takeaway.

The exceptions to my lazy rules are when cooking for a dinner party (although I'd still rather spend my effort on making the table pretty than on measuring fiddly quantities, or the hassle of getting some fussy equipment out the cupboard, only to have to clean it later), or cooking with my nieces. 

Lynne's recipe is ideal on all counts: easy enough just for me, impressive enough for dinner parties, and so much fun with little people. 

It's on my agenda for my much needed facetime with Tugi and Pookles:

Either frozen or fresh spinach
Good quality feta cheese
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
Phyllo Pastry

Defrost the spinach if you have frozen spinach, or better yet, steam some fresh spinach and squeeze all the water out.
Dice the onion and garlic and fry until translucent, before adding the spinach and heating all together. 
Grate a small amount of parmesan into the spinach mixture - this is one of those magic steps that makes all the difference if you miss it out, but no sense, so just do it. Don't use too much parmesan - you don't want to compete with the spinach or feta. Just use the right amount, obviously.
Add a squeeze of lemon juice, and some pepper. (I think the feta is salty enough)
Crumble in feta, mix together and remove from heat.

Meanwhile, unroll phyllo pastry and cut into long strips - the size may vary according to how large you want to make your triangles. (Size only counts in diamonds, carparks and fishing stories, so don't waste too much time on this.)

Melt butter and brush each pastry strip, and place a dessertspoon  of spinach mixture onto the end of the filo strip and start to wrap into triangles along the length of the pastry. 

Place onto a baking tray and whack into the oven at 180C until golden brown and remove before burnt! 


If I was a mum, or indeed, clever, I would have timed this post for half term, and not now. But I'm not. However, the glory of extreme aunting is that you can make suggestions like this at any time!



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