Thursday, 24 November 2011

inspiring homework

It's been a heavy week, what with South Africa's new secrecy bill & getting to grips with baby-making, so I'm going back to basics today, remembering these instructions (can't believe they were from March, that's *so* long ago!)
A massive Tretchikoff in the bathroom, via Tretchikoff Revealed, with the prettiest blue cabinet (pity about the sneakers):

blue and white, inside and out

(That's a post office in Portugal. 
I'd write more letters if it were in Hamble)

I *die* for this:

(think its Reem Accra 2009)

but it's not really in the budget, nor required for the pub.

So I'm reminded to just make sure that the day-to-day stuff is beautiful, like tea towels:

and envelopes:

and I might attempt something akin to this,
as an art project for my niece's bedroom wall as part of her Christmas present:
Although I know she would really prefer a plastic 
Dora the Explorer.

If you want to play email or tweet me @carlyj2.

happy inspiration,

sources: google, tinywhitedaisies,meggielynne,prettywittywench


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