Wednesday, 9 November 2011

i saw it on a blog first, i swear.

The interwebs is full of cool stuff...

and if ever you needed proof that blogs were the place to find the coolest of cool stuff, check this out: 

A project to brand 10 000 lakes

One Minnesota Lake. One Logo. Every day

Did you do the math?
That's going to take Nicole Meyer around 27 years...

which is not the most long term creative project I found this week.

Swedish architecture firm visionandvision's project to create a study retreat on campus at Politecnico di Milano,  which can be enjoyed in about 60 years from now:

And finally, just in case you needed further proof that blogs lead on cool stuff:

Jamie over at isuwannee 
(a relatively new blog find that I've devoured)
 showed this image back in November 2009,
( I said, 'devoured', didn't I?), 
wondering whether she should carry black botantical prints in her soon to be new shop, furbish:

Answer: yes, by the way. 
As evidenced below:

which is a full two years 
before it became the front cover of the UK Homes & Gardens:

Who's where it's at?
huh, huh?

have happy hump days,

images: branding10000lakes, visionandvision, zinio, isuwanee


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