Wednesday, 23 November 2011

from conception to connected

So, it would appear that almost all of my friends have been 'doing it.' 
Been got at,
knocked up,
bun in the oven (sometimes two)...
I'm talking mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaking babies.

So I thought I'd share this incredible Ted video from Alexander Tsiaras, showing a visualization of what's happening between conception to birth. Regardless of whether you're a scientist or creationist, it will blow your mind: 

How brilliant are babies? 

This video made it easier for me to understand how sometimes things don't work out as we would wish. It made it harder too. There are more questions than answers, and I was left in awe.

How clever are women to be these 'walking, immunological cardiovascular mobile nurturing systems' - all while holding down day jobs and real lives? 

I'm nowhere near here. It's why I lie about my age - to trick my biology. I'm still learning about the part where you find someone to love and trust enough to consider keeping them, let alone enough to start a whole new generation with them. 

My sister managed that pretty easily, years before other friends, and Tugi, my original niece, is the baby against which all others are measured. 

She was the sweetest, most perfect baby. 
Still is. Even at 6 years old. She just gets better and better.

And when I worried about how her little sister was going to carve out space in my heart when Tugi owned it completely, it turned out that there's just more and more love, and while they couldn't be more different, I adore them both madly and with all my being. In fact, you have no idea how fierce a super aunt is - which is why Tugi suggested I ran in the mom's race at her sports day. I'd have taken down those other mammas to make my Tugi proud.

Lots of other little people made by special friends have stamped tiny footprints on my heart, even some that aren't here today. Funnily enough - my relationship with the parents is irrelevant as to who my favorites are.


I'm a fairy-god-super-aunt, not a parent, so I'm allowed favorites. 

(If you have to wonder if your kid is one, is a pretty picture of the sunset from my kitchen to distract you.)



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