Friday, 25 November 2011

friday flowers

I {heart} the blogosphere. 

Last week, regular read Little Green Notebook (I know, I will get round to sorting out my blogroll *this weekend*) introduced me to Courtney at A Little Glass Box

I fell in love with her clever decorating ideas, and beautiful home, and her easy-going personality - we've chatted on email and she kindly agreed to me posting some of her images from her house tours (she has recently moved from Baltimore to California) for Friday flowers.

Long, low table setting of homegrown hydrangeas...

(How lucky! Homegrown is best. Living in an apartment sucks for that. There is something much prettier about homegrown flowers.)
Love the inside of that lamp - talk about luxurious!
And the white vase too.

note to self: I need more opaque vases...

Turns out Courtney shifts her furniture & decor around as often as me...the dining-room re-do happened after I asked to use her photos!
And a close-up:

How sweet is this little arrangement in a glass tumbler in the guest room in Baltimore?

(By the way, I am looking for a similar table for my entrance hall. It's *impossible* to find one - if you see/hear/find one in England please mail me, or buy it as my Christmas present!)

Courtney's mom is a florist, and we're deffo's on the same wavelength when it comes to flowers everywhere! Today I have an orchid, lilies, and the alstroemaria's all in different spots in my living area

She also has a host of DIY ideas and a whole page of Craigslist before & afters, both of which are so inspiring.

Have happy weekends,
thanks Courtney!


images: all Courtney Schutz at A Little Glass Box


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