Thursday, 13 October 2011

painted ladies: tasty tretchikoff

A few months ago I thought I might want a few Tretchikoff prints for my new apartment. Kitsch? 

Well, yes.

But as every room should have something fun as an element of surprise, I thought maybe I could stretch to a Tretchikoff...

Miss Wong
If you didn't know who I meant when I said 'Tretchikoff' you'd know immediately now - who hasn't seen this print before?

The Chinese Girl
Tretchikoff had a fascinating life - born in Russia, what is now Kazakhstan, lived in China and Malaysia, and ultimately South Africa - he was ridiculed for his kitsch art - but his work was bought the world over and this is one of the world's best selling art prints. I love this quote about him, from admirer Wayne Hemingway: 'He achieved everything that Andy Warhol stated he wanted to do but could never achieve because of his coolness'

Tretchikoff's own life motto was  "Express your passion, do whatever you love, take action, no matter what"
Zulu Girl

Probably my favourite: she's beautiful

Woman with Plant
Only of course, I never got around to sorting it out since I wasn't convinced that I like them enough - and I read this month in Red magazine (so it must be true) that Tretchikoff is now being lauded by serious art critics and going for five times last year's price, so bang goes that idea. 

The good news is that my mom is sitting on a couple of limited edition prints, including this one that I love and understand better now that I am older:

 - and given Zebragate, they are definitely coming my way and not going to my sister or the supernieces! 



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