Monday, 10 October 2011

meat-free monday: zebra free orange, fennel & olive salad

Once upon a time, my grandmother owned a beautiful silk scarf.  Well, she owned lots - but there was a particular one that I don't remember her wearing (mainly she wore shirt dresses, brooches, red lipstick and a grump) that my mother produced, years after my grandmother's death, and, in a moment of madness, gave to my superniece, Tugi. 

A moment of madness, since Tugi was five, and the scarf was vintage silk. 

Tugi has a sister, Pookles. This means that Tugi has had to learn to share her stuff. Unfortunately she is six, and Pookles is just two. Sharing is a foreign concept to the little one still, and Tug's is learning that if you leave your shit lying around, your baby sister will get all up in your business. This is not new news to any one of us who have siblings. Especially the older ones.

Anyway, granny's scarf landed up as the bounty between two little half girl-half monsters, and now looks like this: 

I was pretty annoyed, shouted at my sister, ranted at my mother, berated the kidlets although in my heart of hearts I knew I should have thieved liberated it earlier.

I have been trying to figure out what to do with the remnants of this scarf - and also dealing with my obsession with it, considering it's news to me that I even like black and yellow together, only to be annoyingly taunted at almost every turn by matching wallpaper from Scalamandre that continues to dominate the interwebs:

kate spade's bathroom

And scarves that are very similar only not the same:

(this is good value at $23.99 though - imagine with a LBD) 

Are you worried that I'm going to suggest Zebra for dinner?
I would, only that would have to be for Tuesday.

But my obsession has become so overwhelming that it was my scarf I thought about when I was uploading my pictures from Italy and came across my first meal there:

See, exactly the same!
Today's meat free Monday then is Fennel, Orange and Olive salad, in homage to Granny Iris' zebra silk scarf

The fennel needs to be sliced as thinly as possible, and cured in lemon juice and olive oil.
Use the sweetest blood oranges you can find,
or try Navel or Valencia oranges,
and top with salty black olives.

No zebras were harmed in the making of dinner tonight.
I wish that were true every night.


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