Monday, 31 October 2011

meat-free monday: crunchy critters

I've been missing. Again. More on that another day. 

It's Halloween today. 

I thought about something pumpkin related for meat-free Monday... 

And I don't even like it.

What then?
Halloween Candy?

Witches Fingers. Cute. 
But in real life, the neighbourhood kids are getting Haribo and foreign coins.

And then I remembered these delicious examples that don't have to mess with the menu,
perfect for Halloween:

Do they count as meat-free?

They're practically 3D. 

The attention to detail makes them beautifully realistic.

Hand painted on porcelain,
you can order your own set of bespoke bugs here.

And if you couldn't face creepy-crawlies with your dinner, 
Sophie makes all things bright and beautiful too.

For tomorrow's dinner.

happy Halloween.

images: sophie de courcy trasenter, google


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