Friday, 14 October 2011

friday flowers

After last week's post about how I loved getting flowers from you, as it was the 'connect' part of the blog, Ali sent me a note about the amaryllis in her garden:

Pretty impressive?
What's impressive is that when your view is this:
which hers is,
you can be bothered to do anything other than sit on the veranda drinking gin 'n tonics looking out to sea! 

Meantime, half way across the world, this is what we're rocking at River Green this week: 
Pink again!
I know, seems to be a theme around here - but bright pink goes so nicely against the white. (I'd hate to say 'pops of colour' so I won't)
And Ali may recognise that silver jug as a wedding present from nearly 38 years ago...

...which is a pretty happy connection for this Friday too.

Have good weekends y'all

(ps. I know that Ali's silver jug is not polished - but polished silverware is for Other People, much like diets, commuting via tube and too much TV; not to mention that round here we rock the faded grandeur look, okay?)


Stephanie Bentz said...

unpolished silver jug, yet you are using coasters on that tray... ;-)

Carly said...

yip! My 'antique' tray from a little market in Amsterdam turns out to not be so antique after all! Rachel Ashwell of ShabbyChic has a matching one in her kitchen in her new book, and I've seen a few in other photos. Turns out anything - wet or dry - leaves rings on the tray, and the tray is leaving marks on my table!

It's very lucky I still love it.
And luckier still that the coasters are attractive and not pub ones!

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