Wednesday, 7 September 2011

wednesday weddings: Kate's in Vogue

So, I've discussed before that out of the three Royal weddings we've had this year (Britain, Monaco and Rock&Roll Royalty), for me it was Kate Moss who totally rocked the bridal look - by which I mean 'deliriously and giddily in love.'

Kate Middleton was beautiful for sure, and very happy which is a good thing for a British royal wedding. Her dress was beautiful, magnificently constructed and kind of to be expected; 
Charlene Wittstock was perhaps slightly less overtly happy but she showed up which was more than was expected, and seemed serene and modern and sleek, her Armani gown exquisitely embellished;
whereas Kate Moss was the one that surprised me with how drop dead gorgeous she looked - true to herself, nailing sexy and bridal, provocative and ethereal, all at once. 

So I was super excited to see this month's US Vogue, with more wedding photos from Kate's wedding. 

Um, Kate & Jamie's wedding, sorry: 

so happy!
still grinning...
there's something to be said for not being clever and modern and trying too hard to be different, but just having a celebration that is pretty and fun and just...well...romantic and wedding-y, you know?
flowers lining the way to the church - England does magnificent churches...

Edwardian chairs in the garden

I don't know that I've ever seen one of these in real life...
Second Looks boudoir, for guests to change, sort out make-up etc...

It might have been a rock'n roll wedding...

but it looks like it had just the right mix of romance too. 
There you go, that saved the South Africans amongst you from having to fork out the equivalent of a month's rent for US Vogue!


images: Vogue/google


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