Thursday, 1 September 2011

painted ladies

It's been a long time since there have been any painted ladies that have caught my eye.

And then I found this by Andre Kohn

His website says:
(well, almost, I fixed a spelling error)

'Without depicting life literally,
 I seek a poetic interpretation of a moment involving the human figure in its infinite variety of gesture and action.'

I'm glad I'm a woman.
The female form is way-hey more arresting and interesting than the male...would a man in that portrait be as interesting?
Are there poetic interpretations of men?
Do men have infinite variety of gesture?

Although I hardly ever feel sexy, a condition I must remedy - 
but I've led a life in flats for a year, which I swear doesn't help.

And this one.
This is perfect painted lady material - where each time you look at it there's a different story, depending on your mood.

Is her dress going on?
Or coming off?


image:pinterest, andre kohn


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