Monday, 5 September 2011

meat-free monday: sweet mielie corn

Friday's dark moment has passed
(no real resolution, but a shift in attitude)
and it's all sunshine yellow around here.

Today's meat-free Monday couldn't be more simple.

In South Africa we call Sweetcorn 'mielies' and you never buy them from a shop, but from the man who walks the neighbourhood shouting 'mielies, mielies', or from the side of the road, which is also where avocados, litchies & pineapples come from.

Just after I turned 22, I was sent on my first business trip - out of the London office and all the way to New York, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Montreal and Toronto. I was so excited and in retrospect, so clueless, but that was okay since I had that 22 year old confidence that allowed me to own the world.
That and the company Amex.

So in Washington I ordered deep-fried alligator starter - tasted like KFC but that's okay, since I quite like KFC, which probably is alligator in the southern states. 

And then for my main...Lobster.

No one wandered around my neighbourhood offering lobsters when I was growing up, and it was the most grown-up, glamorous thing I could find on the menu. The waiter had to dismember it for me - told you I was clueless:

And then it tasted like mielies.

After 22 000 miles, a lot of dollars on the credit card, and in my grandmother's pearls, my highest heels and red lipstick, armed with a glass of champagne to celebrate having 'arrived', it tasted like mielies.

It took me the better part of the meal to figure that really the taste was melted butter since that's what it was dripping in,
so you could see how it was just the same as sweetcorn.

I was disappointed - although I don't know what I thought lobster would taste like, something more exotic and expensive I guess, but luckily I love melted butter.
It's one of my favorite ways to get fat.

I still pick lobster when it's on the menu, although now I use my own money.

As for sweetcorn, I've evolved to eat it with butter, chilli salt and a dash of truffle oil, which is what's going on around here today.



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