Friday, 16 September 2011

friday flowers: inside River Green

Pink Roses for Melly today - being so brave and setting such an example of courage in action.

On the dining room table today.
You can tell from the tablecloth, still no iron...

but my little apartment has come pretty far!

First up: a disclaimer. These shots aren't very good due to my inability to be bothered to learn how to do anything other than point&shoot with the camera. I feel quite frustrated by it really, since this is the happiest, loveliest apartment ever - mainly due to the light that floods through the nearly four metres of glass doors.

The rug is too small, but I bought it second hand from work and couldn't choose the size. I love it.

The Ikea chairs are until I sort a sofa - I have an eye on a very sexy Origins one.

And yes, that *is* a Skinnylaminx cushion
- a very kind birthday present

Yoga mat = doorstop! And a reminder to make it to yoga class

My dining room table was a £40 steal off of Gumtree - solid mahogany, it's going to be white just as soon as I manage to get it sanded and painted. It has an extension leaf so easily sits 8, and 10 if there is enough wine and no airs & graces.

And I ran out of paint and enthusiasm at about the same time, so that explains the far wall. There's a strip of leftover Timorous Beasties Oriental Orchid wallpaper attempting to divert your attention. It does when you realise there are naked ladies in a subtle pattern behind the orchids.

The obligatory 'clusterfuck art' wall. I'd call it 'gallery style' but that makes Jen all murdery.

The 50p car boot sale painting has moved from the spare room, and sits with some dead ugly fish which make me laugh, a Ted Smith original of the Drakensberg, some vintage photos and a postcard of Cape Town from 1954 in the middle. And my very most favorite, Durga, has pride of place there!

And my naked mom top right.
(Mom, you're naked on the internet!)

Round here we call those velvet curtains 'gold', not mustard.
Before I moved in I hated them and had every intention of replacing them, but they've grown on me. And the pelmet is narrow so removing them would be the biggest hack ever. The borrowed Habitat chair is a pale blue, getting more and more sunbleached, and is my favourite space to sit and watch the river. And I'm enamored with the bargain that is the brass table - £20 from the loveliest antique store/junk shop in Chichester that requires climbing over all sorts of treasure to find what you're looking for. It's going to have its legs painted. One day.

Love my second hand Archimoon K, also bought from my old work, and which now usually illuminates a glass of white wine in the evening.

Another unfinished project 
- sanding and painting this trio of Edwardian tables
 - leather topped with goldleaf stamping - £25 for three - shit you not!

The largest one will be where the TV sits:

The director's chair will move but I'm not big on TV so I don't really want it to be the boss of the living room.

And the last third of the room is my office, where I spend most of my time. It's also a work in progress. More pics to follow when it's complete. Or at least tidy.

For someone who loves having all her things, and where every single item has been chosen with such care and attention, even when its make-do for now due to budget issues, I still can't believe I was a nomad for a year. It is so exhilarating to be making a home again.

Even one with gold curtains.


Gillian said...

I absolutely *love* it! Such an eclectic mix which manages to work so well. Congratulations on your new home and well done on making it look so homely and welcoming x

Noonincloss said...

WOW!! What a truly tremendous and so typically Carly transformation! Cannot wait to come and visit again. X

Jackie said...

Lovely photos! Do you happen to have any information on the curtains? They are exactly what I am looking for!

Carly {covet.collect.connect} said...

Hi Jackie - afraid not, they are a vintage velvet...

Quite funny to look back over this post - I shall have to update it. The whole place looks very different now! I realise I can't live without constant change and tweaks.

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