Tuesday, 13 September 2011

covet: loving Lonny

It was a good one this issue...

here is what I drooled over:
(I'm a little bit undecided if these are a bit old for me. 
But if I had a spare $325 I'd own them, and work through any issues. I *love* them)
(although I'd have it in navy or grey)

(These are on sale - I *wish* I was in the States- they're only $24. I might make these at home but will never get them at that price...)

And these are the rooms that did it for me:

Creating an entrance hall out of careful positioning
including some symmetry, animal print and surprise color. 
(That would be the yellow doors - still the new black)

And the David Flint Woods/India Hicks house confirms what I've thought for years: I should have been a Hicks, you know. 
I would have made an impressive heiress.
And rocked island living.

Love a good vignette, 
and particularly one involving sharks teeth, 
ginger jars and vintage cricket balls...*amazeballs*

Colonial meets island.
I would learn to live with floral furniture in a setting like this. It reminded me of gin'n'tonics and champagne cocktails...

and lo and behold, that was next: 

Lonny remains obsessed with home bars - 
also in this issue:

I'm tempted to build one too, 
only all I ever have at home is white wine, 
which is in the fridge.

While it lasts.



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