Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Christmas sorted: easy peasy lemon squeezy

I'm sick. 
I have been sick for a week. 

Normally 'I feel sick' means that slightly dull headache and faint nausea that comes from not shopping far enough down the wine list, or indeed, just shopping too frequently from the wine list. Perhaps even from a brief moment of brain lapse where one forgot Jaegerbombs were the Devil's work and not the World's Greatest Idea.

So it comes as a shock to the system to remember what it feels like to be Really Sick. I'm not sure this is even semi-self inflicted, although if it was I would have to put the blame firmly at the door of Meltdown Friday. I've had a killer chest infection which hasn't been much fun, and has ruined *everything*

No exaggeration.
Even my appetite, which is unheard of!

But a side effect has been that in investing heavily in lemons for my homemade honey & lemon cocktail, I've also managed to preserve some - just in time for the changing seasons.

Clever Kirst started it - only turns out she learnt from Lou in Jozi so she doesn't get all the credit. 

I don't understand why I did not know about preserved lemons before, considering everybody has a lemon tree in South Africa. 
I was 22 before I found out that you could even *buy* lemons in shops - you either had them at home, or they come from neighbours, friends or sometimes just for free out of a wheelbarrow outside someone's house down the road. (I am giving away my age - this was before the only thing people in a neighbourhood shared was Armed Response companies)

I used this recipe, combined with this one too since I figured I ought to sterilize the jar.

All I know about preserved lemons is that they were bloody delicious in Kirst's roast chicken. 
But Kirst's roast chicken has always been bloody delicious even when it just involved regular lemons, (I will ask her for a tutorial for y'all since her roast chicken is way beyond whatever it is any one of us have been serving up, promise...) so I figured I should go looking for some other ways to use them.

Turns out that they're considered a Jolly Good Homemade Gift, which considering my current financial status might be exactly what will be found under the tree this year.
And here is a link to no less than 31 recipes using preserved lemons and another 18 here, which proves that this may be the ultimate gift that keeps giving, all year round.

So, in a week that has seen crackers, tinsel and Quality Street tins appear in the shops, that's Christmas sorted.


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