Wednesday, 28 September 2011

the buzz of 52 cups of coffee

Best thing about the blogosphere is its Alice in Wonderland effect. You never know where you'll end up when you first log on.

And so it was when earlier this month someone somewhere led me back to Erin at Design for Mankind. (Worst thing is that it's hard to remember who & where that was!) 

Erin's blog was the first I ever read - way back in 2007. I know, I was a late starter, but she's one of two Erins (the other is over at EOS) that I have to thank for persuading me to jump on in (not to forget the original Nerdgirl - she was the patient one who navigated the techno stuff with me - I'm suddenly aware that this has turned into the equivalent of a blog Emmy speech! I should thank my mom too - only I'm not sure she even knows what a blog is!)

So....I haven't been to DfM for a long time, stupid fool me, cos I hit the jackpot on Sept 3rd, when Erin introduced me to Meghan Gebhart and 52 Cups of Coffee

A few of Meghan's coffee dates are people I came into contact with (sometimes in person, sometimes by email or sometimes just by reputation) during my last role in London - and while i might have ten years in age on her, I don't feel any more certain of what's next in my life, so I've found her coffee chats and soundbites fascinating... 

Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, 
and get wise as you get caffeinated. 



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