Friday, 26 August 2011

friday flowers

I really really really wanted to post flowers from my new apartment today.

I spent ages trying to take a decent picture of the Alstroemeria that have been sitting on the kitchen window sill for two weeks now. Except I left it too late in the day and the sun was in the wrong place and when I picked up the vase the petals all fell off. I had been hoping they may last another 24 hours, but it wasn't to be. 

So during a trip to the supermarket I stopped by the flower section - normally I try to avoid supermarket flowers since they don't seem to last as well, and I never get the endorphin rush I get when I look at flowers I've carefully chosen at farm stores or from independent sellers. 

Added to that, I'm on a tight budget. That means I had to choose between truffle oil or lilies. I chose the truffle oil and invested one of Her Majesty's pounds in these - a deep, dark purple carnation. 

I used to hate carnations - they were only trendy in Indian restaurants, but the new colours are fab, and now I quite like them. Admittedly, if I had used a camera and not a blackberry, you would have a better picture...sorry!

And if you think they're not very nice, I'll use these to prove you very wrong. My one-pound carnations look downright superb compared to the image that Jen at MFAMB posted off of HGTV's Design Star episode where the wannabe designers staged a wedding: 

Not Very Nice AT ALL. 
Seriously, wtf?

Given that at times I battle with self confidence issues,
as I guess most of us do, I find that ugly mess relatively reassuring - even if I was blind I'm sure I would figure the shapes and textures wouldn't work, let alone the colors. 

On that note, I hope I haven't made your eyes bleed,
and that yours is a weekend full of pretty sights :)



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