Tuesday, 23 August 2011

birthday safari

source: card from Cath C

I love looking backwards on birthdays – it’s the key to looking forwards! If you’d told me last year what the year ahead would hold, I’d never have believed you (in fact, think I’ve written those words here before) 

source: card from Patsy
It’s mostly me that’s changed.

But I guess that’s all I need to be accountable for.

And now that I’m in my little apartment I keep finding notes in various notebooks (I’m addicted to notebooks) with insights that I never even knew I had, and am surprised that they came true – living by the sea, trying new things, travelling, working for myself. 

So I’m working on a list of 35 things to do at 35 (eek – never to be repeated) and will share those here since it would appear that they’ll have no option but to come true once they’re written down – and even less chance if put out there on the interwebs!

Sometimes it does seem like this journey is a bit of a safari - a bit of a wild ride, with no idea what's going to come out the bush! And in line with the super appropriate birthday cards, came this super cute birthday present, made in the UK, packed with love from Oz:

source: Dr B in Sydney!
Safari themed biscuits from Biscuiteers

Aren't they just too special? 

Best of all, I can assure you that they tasted even more delicious than they look!



Dr Berry said...

Miss u heaps
Lets chat soon
xoxo Dr B
PS they look yummy! but who knew so many butterflies were on safari.
And I am looking forward to u putting the card on your blog!!!!!

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