Wednesday, 6 July 2011

wednesday weddings...celeb style

I've been waiting for this last weekend for yonks - two more weddings - and that means wedding dress fashion commentary - from me, who knows little other than 'I like that', 'that's clever, but I don't like it' or 'wtf, with all that money?'

Maybe it is because Charlene Wittstock, now Her Serene Highness the Princess of Monaco, had a life not dissimilar to mine - born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa, (only she listened to her swimming coach, practised a whole lot, became an Olympic athlete and met and married a prince - oh, and I'm brunette) that I've been eagerly awaiting this Royal wedding.

With thousands of bride's dresses inspired by the one her husband's mother wore, most famous and topically followed by  Kate Middleton, I was more interested in what Charlene would wear than in the stories about whether she'd be a runaway bride:

Thank God she stuck around long enough to get married!

As ever, Armani nailed the detailing, the fabric falls beautifully, its modern and sleek and fitting for her - but has the train that is so necessary in those big old cathedrals that otherwise make the bride look like any other guest. 

I guess it must be hard to be a royal bride - with lots of rules to stick to - not least in your dress! Other brides probably would have been able to go lower on the neckline. 

I think she looks pretty serene, if not particularly thrilled,  which given the week's news is probably understandable, whatever the truth may be. My guess is she's stoned on Rescue Remedy.

The other wedding was that of Kate Moss - with a budget that allows me to class it as a royal wedding.

Next to Jennifer Aniston's haircut, Kate is probably the most influential woman in fashion for women of my age - we have her to blame/thank for skinny jeans and ballet flats - and she never looks like she's trying, even when she's rocking some strange get ups. Erin at EoS did a fab piece on her last Friday - go and have a look. 

But for all her stylish choices, we've seen Kate do stupid things for love, so what would Kate Moss the bride look like?


Gosh, look at the line of her legs. 
She nailed sexy and bridal, provocative and ethereal.

The whole dress wasn't much of a surprise - we've seen her do floaty, hippy and feminine before - but the detailing is divine (is this where designers earn their money?) 

It's just a slip of a dress (I might have chosen something with a bra) but it encompasses so much about her - its effortless, it's dressed-up pared-down chic, its not iconic or red-carpet formal - it dazzles gently, slightly informal, yet elegant. It's only when you look hard at the frock that you realise how clever it is to encompass all those things.

But what struck me was how happy and healthy and in love she looked. How far away from the dirty hair, cigarette hanging out the mouth, mess that she was. I know it's her wedding day and of course she scrubbed up - but she looked for a while like she was going to hell in a handbasket... 

I guess everything they say is true - money doesn't matter and all that. Looking so happy and so in love has got to be first prize on your wedding day, isn't it? 


Centre jour said...

Love is a truly powerful thing.
My wife, never looks as beautiful as she does when she loves me.
How can I still manage to remain so ugly, when I love her so much, every second of every day?

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