Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Other people's clever ideas

Tuesday is the most uninspiring day of the whole week anyway, and today has been a pretty rubbish one - 

like dealing with an incompetent electrician who pretended to listen then didn't do the right thing anyway, 
zero vegetables but quite a lot of chocolate bourbons, then hating myself, a frustrating workload, no interwebs to fix frustrating workload, dull admin like registering at a new doctor - 'please list all your illnesses ever in your thirty-something years, actually, just make it every change in evolution, even though we're going to get your old records from your current doctor...' 

Definitely not a day to bother remember using the 10-10-10 rule (10 minutes/months/years from now - will this matter?) 

...but it's about to get better! 

I'm addicted to Pinterest, which helps you 'collect and organise (my English spelling) all the beautiful things you find on the web...Browing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.' 

Pinterest is also a place to see other people's clever ideas - where Martha Stewart wishes she thought of that first. I've made a board called just that - so now I will inspire you.
On a Tuesday.

I'm an aunt - I encourage mountain moving - but this is sweet for above a cot.

Cookie dough cooked upside down - fill with mint icecream and garnish with a little strawberry.

Presentation is everything - you could gift a store bought cake like this - in fact, I most likely will.

Vegetarian crudites served in cups. Now no one need care about double dipping.

Wool used to brighten up gift giving.

You can follow my boards here (because you know you want to) and I bet you feel a little more inspired for Tuesday now too. 

happy pinning!



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