Monday, 25 July 2011

meat-free monday: ravioli and tortellini a la Emma

We've been picnicking all week while Carie's builders knock about with plasterboard and the kitchen lives in boxes in the living room. Luckily its summer, and despite Mother Nature's moody grey skies we've been okay eating outside on the picnic rug - although I think we're both pretty bored of chicken and salad, and hummous thrown in occasionally. 

So it was a jolly big occasion on Friday night when we were invited out for dinner, and served this: 

First thought: OMG - warm food! 

It was so delicious, and a 'recipe' totally up my street - which means obviously 'cheat and improve'!

Fresh pasta, homemade by Mrs Waitrose - a mixture of cheese ravioli's and tortellinis, served with tomato and mascarpone sauce (also fresh from the store Mrs Waitrose). The key to raising this from a five minute supper to dinner party fare is steaming up some summer greens and adding them to the serving dish - Emma had tender leaf broccoli and asparagus, and spring cabbages and leeks. It cuts the heaviness of the pasta and sauce and makes it a far more balanced meal. 

Expect to see me rolling around like an Italian mamma! 



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