Friday, 1 July 2011

friday flowers

Here's a gloriosa lily - better known as African flame lily - 
in celebration of a long week.

I saw a Life Alignment Counsellor yesterday to deal with some tricky stuff - stuff I didn't even know was there. It was quite outstanding - jolly hard work, and I felt like a train wreck after, but having been so indecisive so long about so many things, and lacking in energy, including for blogging sometimes when internet access etc got too hard while in has been momentous.

Car bought.
House rented.
Add antique cutlery, and new sofa planned...
and new life begins.

It isn't the perfect car, but there's money to be made on it.
The house isn't perfect either, it needs work, but has the best view in the village, and that can't change.
A lady has to eat with cutlery, n'est-ce pas?
and not sit upon the floor.

And all means there'll be more to share here.

have a good weekend 


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