Wednesday, 8 June 2011

wednesday weddings: guest books are so not 2011

You would think that being a wedding guest veteran I'd have seen it all but it appears not! There are such clever, creative people out there, and my job is to steal their ideas and put them all in one place.

Love these thumb print balloons to be framed later, although think I'd rather have a hot water balloon underneath - given my aversion to bicycles and the I think the 'tree of life' thing is a bit too hippy...

Way more interesting than the normal 'you look lovely, and wishing you a lifetime of happiness' message:

Two birds with one stone:

and perfect for a beach wedding, not so sure how the turtle police feel about this kind of thing...

I love puzzles, and think this could be a fun heirloom for grandkids to play one day...


pics: style me pretty; etsy; pinterest


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