Friday, 24 June 2011

Usain Bolt wishes he lived in my village.

I've started running again. 

While those who know me in real life are busy picking themselves up off the floor, let me explain to the rest of you why this is news. 

I am not known for my sporting ability, or indeed, sporting interest. I am a little less:

and a little more:

Strange thing is, occasionally physiotherapists, chiropractors, personal trainers and other weirdo's who know this kind of stuff tell me that actually, I am built to run, and to swim. 

I think that translates to I have smallish breasts, wide shoulders, and legs slighter longer than they ought to be for my shape. 

Personally, I think my body is built less for running or swimming, and more for champagne and chips - so my compromise was yoga when I found the time so as to be able to perform bendy party tricks, and now, more recently, given my advanced age of 32ish, it's yoga for headspace and as an effort to stave off dementia & having to have the firemen cut me out of my home if I continue on my champagne and chips lifestyle. 

That said, some things have lined up to push me back out of the house and back on the track. 

Firstly, a long holiday in Botswana with too much meat and cider meant I ruined a friend's wedding photos by casting ungainly shadows everywhere, even when out of shot - and secondly, it's so beautiful in my new village that I have to be outside and it feels easy to exercise properly...

and let me tell you, this is the only way to make it enjoyable...

yup, a Pink Ferry! 

Seriously, if you have to run, then surely you want to start and end your misadventure with a trip on a Pink Ferry and a man who starts every sentence with 'love' and ends it with the same....

And when he sails away, leaving you, then there's nothing to do except hit the open road, navigating the path between the channel and the estuary, Robert Ullrey directing the pace on the ipod, sun beating down on your back, and Mother Nature making it less like exercise and more

There are wildflowers, ducks, herons, deer, a variety of plovers, seabirds, swans and views to take your breath away.

Although that might be because I'm easily out of breath.

If you think you've seen that picture before, you're right, because I had to run there and back, didn't I?

If you wondered how I got the shots, I stopped running just to be able to share with you. Kind, generous, thoughtful, that's me. 

Have a happy, healthy, outdoorsy weekend.



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