Wednesday, 29 June 2011

not-so Dutch masterpieces

Remember your RAS? Reticular Activating System - the brain's clever way of making connections between things? I wrote about my current obsession with all things tribal (my obessions run counter-intuitive and parallel - my tribal addiction does not mean I am any less betrothed to velvet sofas, despite the obvious disconnection.)

I'd like to offer up these examples from Red magazine as proof that I'm so 'of the moment' - I picked this up on my way to SA and it was full of tribal patterns...

....and also pics of the Collective Noun posters I was punting!

Clever Carly.

(What? No-one ever says it out loud so I might as well back myself!)

Anyway, I've moved on from Tribal patterns - they're so...early June 2011 and we're practically in July. (vs. grey velvet sofas, which I love as much in almost July 2011 as I did in March 2011.) 

I ran away back to SA earlier this month - and somehow my RAS is lining up to something a little bit calmer, a little bit more traditional. These are some of the things that have literally stopped me in my tracks these last two weeks - the dining room in this finalist house in the House&Leisure House of the Year 2011 screamed Dutch masterpiece:

The upholstered bench, bentwood chairs, rug on dark floor and traditional cupboard all stand together in a way that is arresting, standing the test of time, peaceful and calming, simple yet full of depth, telling a story of longevity and meals enjoyed honestly and simply, without balsamic vinegar or thai sweet chilli sauce or whatever the 'spice du jour' may be.

The simple, light, uncluttered bedroom promises that 'form follows function' - a safe and calm place to rest one's head, a spot for an afternoon catnap in weak sunshine, or cosy enough to climb in and be cocooned restfully overnight...

while the bright entrance hall, devoid of unnecessary decoration, fulfills its obligation to keep all occupants in check - the social calendar on the wall a clever and quirky touch, and one I will adopt in my new home.

It's hard to believe that this house isn't an original Dutch masterpiece, but a renovation:

It all reminded me of the works of Swarm in Amsterdam - a shop purporting a 're-inventive use of and manipulation of juxtaposed materials'

a slightly lighter rendition of the interiors the Dutch are famous for:

and then, two days ago, I stumbled across this frock in Anthropologie:


Perfect for wine tastings, picnics, weekends in the country, and just exuding a slower, considered vibe...

At £158, it didn't come home with me.
I'm devastated....but in the manner of being grown up, collected and appearing to be somewhat at peace, I won't make a scene. 

Let me know what is catching your RAS - my new favourite phenomenon, and where you're at, this week.



Carie said...

So when is my interior designer going to create that dining room masterpiece in my pad :-)

x x x

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