Monday, 27 June 2011

meat-free monday: grow it, dress it, serve it.

The internet is good for so many things - breaking news, Amazon, dispelling urban legends, Facebook, creating urban legends, 24/7 banking, ex-stalking, Amazon, and finding ideas like this:

It's three years old, this story. How on earth did I miss this, considering my internet addiction?

You can read the story here.
(thank you Pinterest)

And while the interwebs are giving us great ideas, get this:

Apparently, your salad will store for 7-9 days if kept in a glass jar and not a nasty plastic bag.

Currently, I'm deliberating between two apartments in my brand new adopted village.

One has a garden, and the other, a balcony with views across the river to the neighbouring village marina - my plan for that apartment would be to throw the curtains away, invest in a lot of white wine and a rocking chair, and not even bother with a TV.

But I want to grow vegetables, and it doesn't have a garden. I'm obsessed with freshly grown greens, and quite sure that the pain in my hip is probably due from eating too many shop-bought, chemical-fed lettuce. And maybe from dancing on tables too often. Or running. Might have to give that up. 

Today's recipe is simple, summery, and could easily be home-grown. Give me a few months, and it *will* be homegrown, even if on a balcony, and tended to as I rock back and forwards sipping my white wine. 

The real recipe is here, but basically: grow it; dress it with horseradish, creme fraiche and olive oil; serve it; and enjoy it, knowing you're doing your body a load of good...

...although I prefer it served with white wine, obviously. Particularly on a Monday. We always have wine on a Monday - it's what being a grown0up is all about...



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