Wednesday, 1 June 2011

King of the Jungle & Master of the Universe - coming this June!

I can't say that I put very much in store by Astrology. 

Four years in women's weekly magazine publishing will do that - I'm not suggesting that we had the interns make up the horoscopes, I'm just saying if the astrologers knew what they said they did, surely it wouldn't have been the Deputy Art Editor who won the lottery? 

Anyway, slight disbelief aside, I have to confess that actually - when you consider all the critters of the Chinese Zodiac 

and the creatures of the Astrology charts 

it's no surprise that I'm (not-so) secretly pretty proud that the planets lined up to make me King of the Jungle 

during the Year of the Fire Dragon

Yes, not just the metal or wood or any other dragon. 
The FIRE dragon.

I'd like to think it a happy accident that the planets lined up to gift me these strong, powerful signs and related attributes -
ambitious, courageous, and strong willed,
 positive, independent, and self-confident
(and sexy, fyi)

or at least signs that sound better than, say, monkey crab or fishy cock - 

but often the truth is that if there were a more apt sign, 
it might be a chicken, born in the year of No Head,
or perhaps a deer, born in the year of the Headlights.

So my mission for this month is to try to imagine
that I do actually possess all the attributes befitting of a 
Lion Dragon,
or Dragon Lion,
and just be all the good things that the planets meant for me.



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