Friday, 3 June 2011

Eat, Pack, Airport

Another day, another suitcase, another airplane...

When I get around to writing up my memoirs from this year, à la Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat,Pray,Love it will most likely be entitled Eat, Pack, Airport. I'm not complaining - as a colleague who came into billions once told me when she had a dilemma: 'ce sont des problèmes bien d'avoir' - it's a phrase worth remembering when problems aren't really much more than just inconveniences, or choices.

What I'm trying to figure out though, is after so many years of being a grown up (I mean in terms of my age, rather than my emotional maturity), and after extensive travels and honing the art of packing, is it normal to think that this is the bare minimum* a woman needs in her cosmetics bag? 

It's seriously one third of my luggage allowance.

Another third is all the paraphernalia that comes with my  laptop - plugs, cords, camera charger, connector, headphones, blah blah blah, boring. There is very little space for clothes.

You'll also notice it doesn't include shampoo (too big, will buy travel sized one) or my magic serum - I've run out and am going to do some *serious* damage to my Amex in Duty Free.

It also doesn't include the lippy, hand-cream and Benefit travel make-up kit that's in my handbag.

Every single woman's magazine I've read says all one needs is Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream which I think is bollocks (foreign readers might have to use Google translate to figure that one out) - but I'm interested to know what you think?

What's in your two-week travel bag?**

And WTF is in the travel bag of those overly-made up cosmetic doyennes at department stores - does anybody know?


*toothpaste, toothbrush, Clarisonic face brush, decanted Origins face wash, small toner, small eye-makeup remover, eye cream, day cream with SPF, sunblock, second choice serum, primer, foundation, deodorant, absolutely magic spot remover- highly recommended fyi, body lotion, rescue remedy, mozzie cream (those f*ckers are waiting for me at the airport as if they haven't eaten since I left), conditioner, hair serum for straight and one for curls, cosmetic pads & buds, powders, brushes & eyeliner & magic mascara- my Lancome one has changed my life! Shoo!
**I feel I ought to clarify again that this is the two-week minimum amount needed to make me look and feel human, and not the sum total of the two drawers of products at home! 


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