Tuesday, 28 June 2011

a conversion conversation.

When I arrived in the UK - I mean the first time, a very long time ago - I was just in time for DIY Decor phenomenons of Changing Rooms and all that followed: from Grand Designs (secret Kevin McCloud crush for a while - used to think he knew so much, now realise he was always a bit of a pessimist-turned-good and quite predictable) through Location, Location, Location and DIY SOS (secret Billy the electrician crush too - he could adopt me).

Unfortunately, most UK design shows are repeats or worse: totally chav daytime TV shows big on cheap, shiny 'solutions' and I have to confess to being jealous to the core of my American blogger friends who have Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo  TV (I am living vicariously through Erin, Jenny and Raina's updates).

I digress - back in the day, in the late 90's, when property prices were rising and everyone wanted to be a designer and property mogul, church conversions were super cool. As a South African immigrant, the  architecture, the history, the sense of space - large windows, lots of height - offered by church conversions offered seemed quite cool. I haven't seen one for years though, until today while catching up on past posts at DesiretoInspire, I stumbled across this church conversion:

A lot changes in over ten years. 

Could you sleep in a bedroom like that?

Much as I loved the warmth of terracotta paint effects circa 1998, which we tried to recreate in our bedroom and which in retrospect was more burn-a-hole-in-your-retina than subtle Mediterranean warmth, now I feel slightly nauseated by them; and much I refused to wear leggings for being too Desperately Seeking Susan in 2003, now I often do as they let me pretend its warmer than it really is (hello British summer - you fake.) 

And so, in 2011, I feel less like I would feel peaceful and at home in a church conversion, and more like I would feel freaked out by it. It's a pity really - because considering my murderous thoughts towards the used car salesman who was so patronizing and out of line today - it would have been good for the sake of used car salesmen everywhere to have had God in my house monitoring my thoughts today.

I did find this conversion though: 

Fuschia pink day bed? yes please!

and you know how I feel about grey velvet sofas (*covet* in a way that might be a sin and not appropriate for a church conversion conversation!)



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