Thursday, 9 June 2011

bathing beauty

How's this for bizarre!

This is the bathroom where I worked for a year - well, not *in* the bathroom, obviously. It's the bathroom in the farmhouse that belonged to my former manager, Harriet - an interior designer in Sussex who was formative in developing my eye. She rocked  'upcycling' way before it was even a word, and she's responsible for nurturing my love affair with all meubles francais. I was surfing the interwebs, as you do, and happily tripped down memory lane when I recognized Hattie's bathroom.

In other breaking bathing news, did you know that it's possible to want to *be* a bathroom when you grow up?

Told you so.
Jennifer Lopez wishes she had earrings like that chandelier.

But these are the two bathrooms that caught my eye this week.
Imagine having a view like this:

I'd never read in the bath, that's for sure...

and if you don't have a view like that, then consider faking it!


images: Elle Decor; Pinterest; Desiretoinspire


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