Tuesday, 31 May 2011

tribal gathering

I've been reading a fab new book that has given a name to that bizarre phenomenon of having something happen in your life and then seeing more of the same, or loads of patterns (literally!) that follow it.

For example, the author tells how he got a Burberry scarf for Christmas and then noticed them everywhere. 

The scientific explanation: 
it's our RAS - Reticular Activating System. 
It's the area of the brain responsible for regulating arousal, and is composed of several neuronal circuits connecting the brainstem to the cortex. 
Basically, it's your 'antennae'. Before the Burberry scarf appeared in his life, the author never noticed them,
and now found them everywhere. 
Why is it important?
Well, apparently, in goal setting, it's what allows you to react to opportunities. 

But we're not here to discuss that. 

We're talking Ghanaian and Nigerian and other West African fabrics.

how fierce is that jacket?

Is it from being African born?

Is it recent holidays in Botswana? 

Is it the Lalesso skirt I've loved for 3 years, which makes me happy everytime I wear it? 

image:Temi & Tami, youcatwalk.com

Is it from living in South West London for a long time and admiring the Nigerian and Ghanaian women in their Sunday best, secretly jealous that I could never carry that off? 

I suppose it doesn't matter what it was that set it off,
but I keep seeing it everywhere and I'm in love with it more and more. Only I don't know how to pull it off without looking like it's fancy dress.

This kinda look doesn't translate so well into pasty white skin...

source: Ituen Basi.

But I think that this summer I am going to invest in some fun pieces.

dress:Anthropologie. Nkya. OliverBonas. purse: Della

Get your sunnies ready.



Flick-A-frik said...

I love this post. Just coming across it. I guess you'd be rocking some of those fabrics by now :)

photobylagos said...

"This kinda look doesn't translate so well into pasty white skin..."

There are lots of color options for these fabrics and I think they go down well with just any skin type. Trust me ;)

Carly {covet.collect.connect} said...

Thanks Photobylagos - I did indeed invest in a few pieces and a holiday in South Africa to get a perfect glow!

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