Monday, 23 May 2011

meat-free monday: carbo loading

I'm running again.
Rather, I'm back on the C25K programme 
Robert Ullrey should come looking for me if he wonders who is wishing bad things upon him, much as I'm also grateful to him.
It's a love-hate relationship.

It might be bad for my knees and my breasts
(have you EVER seen a runner with great breasts?
Thought not.)
but it is a great reason for indulging in some pasta.

And you couldn't find a better one for springtime:
heated olive oil with garlic (don't let it sizzle or it'll burn) 
with masses of fresh herbs and salad leaves and black olives folded in so as to release all the flavours in the warmth of the oil,
served over fresh linguine,
and dressed with skinny slabs of feta. 

The real recipe doesn't mention Sauv Blanc but sure
I deserve that...



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