Sunday, 22 May 2011

the Great Dining Room Debate

It's Night One in the New Life - 
and I've walked straight into the great Dining Room Debate.

Carie's about to undergo major renovations, 
and the new dining room will be open to the living room and new kitchen, as well as offering French doors to the garden. 
It's going to be the hub really. 
So getting the dining area right is pretty damn important. 

Lucky I'm opinionated AND love to eat at the dining table. 
Nothing is better than a long lazy Sunday lunch that stretches past pudding into board games, more wine and cheese and biscuits for dinner, playing Agricola, reminiscing over old times and hatching new plans like summer sailing in Greece...

Here are some considered opinions and inspiration then...

Dark chairs and modern contemporary table - clever.

Upholstered chairs are best for comfort, for sure, but too many = boardroom table.

Classics are all fine and well, 
but too many Eames chairs look like electricity pylons...

and now the ones I *LOVE*
and so you should too:

Mixed chairs = fresh modern look

Marble top, wrought iron legs, cane chairbacks 
= bringing the outside in

Not practical so close to the stove? Whatever. 
It's literally like being at a Chef's table!

My (imaginary) best friend Anna Spiro's dining room 
- every meal would be a party with chairs like that.

Total Favorite - at least for now
Comfy traditional French chairs upholstered in soft grey velvet - perfect for sitting at for hours; a classic table; modern floor finish and rustic doors juxtaposed with the posh chairs!


images: pinterest, anna spiro, Lonny.


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