Friday, 20 May 2011

friday flowers

I've had a tricky week this week - 
absolutely f'all inspiration when it comes to blogging.
Actually, make that f'all inspiration at all to do anything -
although I feel as though I've been run ragged. 

Having finally decided to settle down near the sea, at least for the summer, its taken me months to find a village or town that isn't full of retirees (much as I would like to be retired!)
and where I know people - (it might have been an easier search if I'd started from that point).

I put an offer in on an apartment on Monday.
I still haven't heard back from the agent!

I rang yesterday and apparently it was let even *before* they showed it to me. Which is kind of embarrassing considering the cheeky offer I put in, but mainly just annoying, particularly as they hadn't even let me know!

Then there's work - I haven't been on top of that very much
at all so I don't want to talk about it.

And my car. 
Remember, the one I was going to buy myself for Valentine's Day?
Finally, I'm ready to commit only to find my budget is slightly I've had to make a real commitment to figuring out if this is how I really want to spend my money.
Everyone knows cars just eat money,
but if I take this one back to SA, it will be worth it.
That's a big if though.
England in the summer is so beautiful and its enough to make you forgive the other parts of the year...

The only good news this week - 
apart from a girly birthday lunch, and a fun day out with Royal Albartross (google them, Golf Shoes for the Gods) - is that I've been studying some stuff - I'll share more later. 
Oh, and I'm running again - but that doesn't really count, I hate every minute of it, and only do it so that I don't become so fat that the firemen have to come and cut me out of my house. You know, the one I don't have. So actually, it might be YOUR house.

At least, that was until this morning, when I woke up to an email from Steph, offering me some roses from her garden for use as Friday Flowers.
I was delighted.

I also know that all of her roses are highly scented and can only imagine how they perfume her beautiful home.

I love them.

I feel connected again - one of the core three elements of this blog, right up there in the title. I really can't find the words to tell you how much it means when I'm sent mails like that. It's like receiving a virtual bouquet I suppose!

And I am inspired all over again.



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