Sunday, 3 April 2011

meat-free monday: for the love of cheese

I swear on my life,

I would give up all the lottery win's I've ever spent in my imagination 

- already and in the future- 

if I could just change cheese to be totally fat-free
and important in a daily diet.

The obvious meat-free Monday meal would be Macaroni Cheese -

when I found out in America it was considered a side dish
I understood immediately both the obesity epidemic
and also why so many think America may be the promised land.

But I don't often eat mac'n cheese - 
perhaps less than once a year, and it's hardly inspiring to share with you, but I thought this might be worth checking out:

Jalapeno Popper Dip.

It's not a meal - 
but it's probably enough calories to count as one.

Get the recipe here, and get your cholesterol checked after.



Anonymous said...

HSB!!! Can we make this the minute you come back please and eat in the garden you helped me plant. It will be blooming when you get back - like we will be if we lived on Jalepeno dip :-)
Lou x

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